League History

First Race: 26th November 2017
Races Held: 7
Seasons Completed: 1 (in progress - shortened season)

Our 2nd league in our F1 series kicked-off 6 weeks into our season on the 26th November 2017 at the Austrian GP.

League 2 will have a shortened 14 round roster but will revert back to a full 20 race series in season 2.

So far we have had 25 drivers take to the grid on race day, resulting in 4 different winners and 10 different podium getters.

2017/18 Driver Roster (Season 1)

3NUM25Number42JimForce IndiaNew South Wales
4PUR87Pure NaClChrisForce IndiaVictoria
5DAV4David-0711DavidHaasNew South Wales
6TRA43Trailbreaker74AaronHaasWestern Australia
7TOR95TorterrorAndreMcLarenNew Zealand
8KLO23KloonDanielMcLarenSouth Australia
9ENG24EngsAnthonyMercedesNew South Wales
10FEN6FendzJoshMercedesWestern Australia
11AST16AstrixLiamRed BullNew South Wales
12ALL68AllDog68SeanRed BullNew South Wales
13CUC86CucumberBenRenaultNew Zealand
14FAP98iFapToJesusMurrayRenaultSouth Australia
15YUN29YuniceAlexSauberNew Zealand
17TWI73TwikzehhCaleToro RossoNew Zealand
18SHO75ShocksNickToro RossoSouth Australia
RES 2DUB13ADubsAdamReserveVictoria
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