League History

First Race: TBC
Races Held: -
Seasons Completed: -

League 3 is pencilled in for Season 2, which will start on the 1st of April 2018.

We are currently taking sign-ups for this league, and we expect it to fill quite quickly, especially closer to the real F1 season start, so get in quick. 

To register your interest - CLICK HERE - to sign-up to Oceania Online Racing and an admin will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

2018 Driver Roster (Season 2)

2LUUTBCLuunMitchFerrariNew South Wales
3MOS95Mos97MosesForce IndiaNew South Wales
4SIM12SimonSimonForce IndiaWestern Australia
8FRA80Frank The TankGordonMcLarenNew South Wales
10SQU96SquizzyLachieMercedesNew South Wales
11B298B2ShannonRed BullVictoria
12VEG25VegiePower100VetrivelRed BullWestern Australia
13FOX78FoxmuldzLeeRenaultWestern Australia
14YEH21YehootCoreyRenaultWestern Australia
15DOG97DogRyan100RyanSauberSouth Australia
16COO99CoopMikeSauberNew South Wales
17STR34StroopwafelNeilToro RossoNew South Wales
18HIC69HicompvnMattToro RossoMatt
19MUS15Mushu FasaCarlosWilliamsNew Zealand
RES 1STE35SteveSteveReserve Malaysia
RES 2ETH45Ethstar45EthanReserve Queensland
We Are Still Looking For More Drivers For League Three - If you're interested, click sign up above!