Oceania Online Racing Championship

2017/18 Season 1

11st April 2018Australia29153.787 km7:30pm
28th April 2018Bahrain29156.948 km7:30pm
315th April 2018China28152.628 km7:30pm
422nd April 2018Azerbaijan26156.078 km7:30pm
529th April 2018Spain33153.615 km7:30pm
66th May 2018Monaco39130.143 km7:30pm
713th May 2018Canada35152.635 km7:30pm
820th May 2018Austria36155.448 km7:30pm
927th May 2018Britain26153.166 km7:30pm
Mid-Season Break
1010th June 2018Hungary35153.355 km7:30pm
1117th June 2018Belgium22154.088 km7:30pm
1224th June 2018Italy27156.411 km7:30pm
131st July 2018Singapore31157.015 km7:30pm
148th July 2018Japan27156.789 km7:30pm
1515th July 2018United States28162.596 km7:30pm
1622nd July 2018Mexico36154.944 km7:30pm
1729th July 2018Brazil35150.815 km7:30pm
185th August 2018Abu Dhabi28155.512 km7:30pm

2017/18 Season 2 - All Times are displayed in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Russia and Malaysia have been excluded from Season 2 to allow us enough time for a mid-season break, league playoffs at conclusion and also enough time around the launch of F1 2018. 

Season 3 on F1 2018 will be our Official Championship Season of 21 races - all of these races will be streamed for F1 League. 

This season will be followed by a 10 race super series.