Point Scoring Systems

We will have three separate point systems per league in our OOR F1 Championship: Race, Qualifying and Event.

  • Race – your stock standard F1 points system. This is what we use to determine our championship winner.
  • Qualifying – a new concept we’ve come up with. This focuses primarily on your qualifying results.
  • Event – another new system that awards those that compete each weekend, cleanly and fairly.

Race Points

Standard Format with points awarded to drivers who finish in the Top 10.

1st – 25 points
2nd – 18 points
3rd – 15 points
4th – 12 points
5th – 10 points
6th – 8 points
7th – 6 points
8th – 4 points
9th – 2 points
10th – 1 point

These points will be “officially” awarded, after any penalties that may apply post-race.

Qualifying Points

Our unique qualifying point system is based purely on the Qualifying session leading into each league race.

These points will be awarded based upon your grid starting position after any penalties incurred.

Our OOR Championship’s are currently using “Short Qualifying” on F1 2017.

1st – 30 points
2nd – 25 points
3rd – 20 points
4th – 18 points
5th – 15 points
6th – 14 points
7th – 13 points
8th – 12 points
9th – 11 points
10th – 10 points
11th – 9 points
12th – 8 points
13th – 7 points
14th – 6 points
15th – 5 points
16th – 4 points
17th – 3 points
18th – 2 points
19th – 1 point
20th – 0 points

If you do not set a time or DNF/DSQ, you do not receive any points.

If we set leagues to do “Full Qualifying” we would add the following bonuses:

  • Make it through to Q2 + 5 points
  • Make it through to Q3 + 10 points

Event Points

Another way to award those that compete over an OOR race weekend, is our Event Points system.

How they are awarded…


  • If you participate in Qualifying (set a lap) + 5 Points
  • If you participate in a Race (take the grid) + 10 Points


  • If you complete Qualifying without a DNF + 5 Points
  • If you complete a Race without a DNF + 15 Points

Finishing Position

  • Based on Qualifying Position (1st = + 20 Points, 2nd = + 19 Points etc.)
  • Based on Race finishing position (1st = + 20 Points, 2nd = + 19 Points etc.)

Positions Gained

  • Every position gained from starting grid position to finishing position (no points awarded if you DNF) + 2 Points

Penalty Free Weekend

  • Incur no penalties during the Race (this includes post-race penalties) + 10 Points

Points are tallied together to create your overall score for that weekend, with the weekend winner having the highest score for that round.

To determine our season winner, we divide your total point score, by number of races completed to get your “Event Rating”.
We also do that for our Team results and standings**.

The person at the end of season with the highest rating, shall be declared our OOR Championship Event Winner*.

* You must complete 50% or more of that season’s races to be eligible to win.
** Reserve and Fill-In drivers do not count towards team total in the Event points.