Rules & Regulations

We don’t want to be handing out penalties, race after race, incident after incident – as that’s no fun and can cause way too many issues – as our main goal here is to help you improve as an online sim racer and enjoy yourself.

But, at times, it may be appropriate to hand out penalties if you are deemed to have done something deliberately or if you are found to be repeatedly breaking the rules.

Types of penalties we can hand out if deemed appropriate:

  • Grid Penalties
  • Penalty Points
  • Disqualifications
  • Qualifying Bans
  • Listening To Susan Boyle on Repeat for 8 Hours

We encourage all our drivers to record the races they are in – this will help if any worthy incidents take place during the race.

Session Rules

A few things you must be mindful of during race/qualifying sessions.

Anyone found to be using any type of cheats – will be instantly removed and banned from the group, no exceptions whatsoever.
  • Race Strategy/Start Screen – DO NOT press start. The race host/admin will indicate once everyone is ready and be the first to press start to begin timer. This allows ALL drivers ample time to get their final race strategies and set-ups sorted – repeat offenders will receive grid penalties next race.
  • Discord – You will need to be in our Discord channel for every race, in order to hear any announcements. Even if you don’t have a microphone (you’ll need to try and get one), you’ll need to be able to hear race hosts/admin/other drivers.
  • Radio Chat – Excessive chat over the radio and/or abuse over the radio is not tolerated. During our Sunday sessions, this is a proper league race. Keep the talk down to a minimum and mainly use the radio for discussing current race events.
  • Rage Quitting – whilst you are not required to stick around if you DNF/DSQ, please be mindful of Alt-F4ing the game and leaving. This sometimes has caused a frame rate bomb and effects everyone. If you can and want to leave session, quit to main menu, then quit game.
  • Start Times – we will allow up to 5-10 mins delay at a maximum if you have been in touch with an admin and let him know that you are not far away. If we do not hear from you before 6:30pm AEDT, we will assume you are not attending the session.

Punishable Incidents/Offenses

The following incidents can be deemed worthy of a trip to the stewards office and may incur a penalty.


Excessive Weaving

  1. More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. If a driver has moved off the racing line while defending their position, they may move back but must ensure there is at least one car’s width between their own car and the edge of the track.
  2. This also includes intentionally pushing/driving cars off the track, into a wall or into another car.

Dive Bombing

  1. Any intentional or reckless dive bomb (braking super late into the inside of a corner for eg.) that causes any level of damage or retirement of another driver.
  2. If the Dive Bomb causes another driver to have to leave the track in order to avoid a collision and you gain an advantage.

Brake Checking

  1. Whilst the car behind is responsible for avoiding running into the back of you, brake checking is not acceptable in any way shape or form.
  2. Intentionally slamming on your brakes in areas where braking isn’t expected, causing the car behind to run into the back of you or off the track.
  3. Going into the first corner of a race, please be aware and mindful that drivers will brake earlier than normal to avoid collisions and to allow the safe taking of the first few corners with heavy traffic congestion.

Re-Entering Track

  1. Re-entering the track unsafely and causing any level of damage or retirement after leaving the track due to a spin/mistake/previous crash.
  2. Unsafely re-entering the track causing other drivers to aggressively leave their racing line.

Blue Flags

  1. Blue Flags will be shown if you are about to be lapped by a driver ahead of you in the race.
  2. If you are the one being blue flagged, you are required to safely and sensibly allow the car behind to pass at an appropriate place on the track.
  3. If you are approaching a car who is being blue flagged, you too are required to also safely and sensibly pass the car ahead.


Flying Lap

  1. A Flying Lap is a lap in which you are going to be aiming to set a qualifying time.
  2. When starting a Flying Lap, you must state this over the radio (Discord).
  3. Be mindful of others that are on Flying Laps, intentionally or recklessly crashing into other drivers is not acceptable.


  1. An Outlap is when you have just left the pit lane and are doing a lap before starting a Flying Lap.
  2. You must ensure you are not on the racing line at any stage if someone is approaching you on Flying Lap.
  3. Make sure to give yourself enough space to the car in front of you before beginning a Flying Lap to allow for any errors that they may make.


  1. An Inlap is when you have finished doing a Flying Lap(s) and are in the process of heading back to the pits.
  2. You must ensure you are not on the racing line at any stage if someone is approaching you on Flying Lap or Outlap.

Corner Cutting

  1. Excessively cutting corners that the game is not picking up on to gain an advantage, is not acceptable.
  2. If you have accidentally gained an advantage cutting a corner, we ask that you back off on that lap and start another.

Reporting An Incident

In OOR, we currently have two stewards in place who look at any/all reported incidents, with their main focus being driver education.

We don’t just want to slap people with penalties, we want to improve them as sim racers so that the type of incident they are involved with, doesn’t happen again/as often.

Our Stewards are:

Steward 1: TBC
Steward 2: TBC

If you believe you were involved in an incident and would like to make a complaint, what you’ll need to do is:

  • Have the video footage uploaded to your YouTube/VidMe/Twitch account and viewable.
  • On our Discord page, go to the Race Incidents text channel, explain the incident and post the video link.
  • We will then take a look at it and go from there.

Once you have posted the incident in the channel, leave it at that.

From that moment on, forget about the incident, don’t complain about the incident, move on and prepare for the next race.

Regardless of the severity of the incident, there’s nothing more you can do. It’s happened, that’s racing, we will do what we deem is appropriate after this.

Remember, we all make mistakes and we don’t want to see anyone abused, threatened or anything. That is not tolerated.

Being Reported / Receiving A Penalty

If you have been reported for an incident and/or we believe you are deserving of a penalty, one of our stewards will get in touch for a chat and explain why.

We won’t be making a song and dance about it, we won’t be notifying the person who reported the incident and that’s that.

If you receive a penalty, please accept it. You don’t need to discuss it with anyone, except maybe your team mate.

We won’t announce or apply the penalty until 1 hour before the start of qualifying of the next race.